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141. Assumption of office of President

(1) The swearing in of the President-elect shall be in public before the Chief Justice, or, in the absence of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice.
(2) The President-elect shall be sworn in on the first Tuesday following--

(a) the fourteenth day after the date of the declaration of the result of the presidential election, if no petition has been filed under Article 140; or
(b) the seventh day following the date on which the court renders a decision declaring the election to be valid, if any petition has been filed under Article 140.

(3) The President-elect assumes office by taking and subscribing the oath or affirmation of allegiance, and the oath or affirmation for the execution of the functions of office, as prescribed in the Third Schedule.
(4) Parliament shall by legislation provide for the procedure and ceremony for the swearing-in of a President-elect.