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Article 15: Conflict of Interest

15.1 Each Commissioner undertakes to disclose to the Commission promptly the holding of any office or the possession of property in respect of which the commissioner has, or may have, an interest or duty that may create (directly or indirectly) a conflict with the commissioner’s duties.

15.2 The disclosure must include full details of the nature, character and extent of the conflict and be made as soon as the Commissioner becomes aware of the conflict or potential conflict.

15.3 Each Commissioner must comply with the requirements of section 16 (11) of the Leadership and Integrity Act in relation to the disclosing of registrable interest.

15.4 A Commissioner who has a registrable interest in a matter being discussed at a Commission’s meeting may not be present at that meeting while the matter is being considered and if present may not participate in the discussion or vote on that matter.

15.5 The declaration of a conflict of interest under 15.1 shall also be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.