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167. Tenure of office of the Chief Justice and other judges

(1) A judge shall retire from office on attaining the age of seventy years, but may elect to retire at any time after attaining the age of sixty-five years.

(2) The Chief Justice shall hold office for a maximum of ten years or until retiring under clause (1), whichever is the earlier.

(3) If the Chief Justice's term of office expires before the Chief Justice retires under clause (1), the Chief Justice may continue in office as a judge of the Supreme Court.

(4) If, on the expiry of the term of office of a Chief Justice, the Chief Justice opts to remain on the Supreme Court under clause (3), the next person appointed as Chief Justice may be selected in accordance with Article 166 (1), even though that appointment may result in there being more than the maximum permitted number of Supreme Court judges holding office.

(5) The Chief Justice and any other judge may resign from office by giving notice, in writing, to the President.