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(1) There is established a National Security Council.
(2) The Council consists of—

(a) the President;
(b) the Deputy President;
(c) the Cabinet Secretary responsible for defence;
(d) the Cabinet Secretary responsible for foreign affairs;
(e) the Cabinet Secretary responsible for internal security;
(f) the Attorney-General;
(g) the Chief of Kenya Defence Forces;
(h) the Director-General of the National Intelligence Service; and
(i) the Inspector-General of the National Police Service.

(3) The Council shall exercise supervisory control over national security organs and perform any other functions prescribed by national legislation.
(4) The President shall preside at meetings of the Council.
(5) The Council shall appoint its secretary.
(6) The Council shall--

(a) integrate the domestic, foreign and military policies relating to national security in order to enable the national security organs to co-operate and function effectively; and
(b) assess and appraise the objectives, commitments and risks to the Republic in respect of actual and potential national security capabilities.

(7) The Council shall report annually to Parliament on the state of the security of Kenya.
(8) The Council may, with the approval of Parliament--

(a) deploy national forces outside Kenya for--

(i) regional or international peace support operations; or
(ii) other support operations; and

(b) approve the deployment of foreign forces in Kenya.

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